In recognition of the bravery and commitment of America’s outstanding community service members, I am proud to offer savings to military, government, law enforcement, fire fighter, search & rescue, emergency medical service personnel, teachers and school administrators.

My goal is to make sure that all of our heroes are aware of the maximum benefits available to them when buying and/or selling a home. Military has run in my family for decades and as a past volunteer Firefighter/EMT I know all to well the sacrifice we a community service members are putting on the line. 



Pristine Colorado Homes honors the brave men and women who have worn the uniform of our U.S. military every day by providing housing resources, and REWARDS to active duty and retired military service members. Thank you 

Law Enforcement 

 Law enforcement has ran in my family for years and you are much appreciated. This rewards program is my way of saying thank you for all you do. Stay safe out there


As a past volunteer firefighter for 4 years I know what putting your life on the line for another is like. Spending holidays at the station, running into burning buildings when other are running out. This program is my way of saying thank you! Buying or selling I’ll be here every step of the way. 


Healthcare Professionals

The power that healthcare providers have is extraordinary. On a daily basis they are not only caring for the health of their patients, but they are also creating reasons to smile, making living conditions suitable and pleasant, and forming connections with their patients who not only need them, but depend on them. This program is my way of saying thank you! 


Teachers have the power to change their students’ lives. Think about it: whether it was helping you master a difficult topic, learn something about yourself or the world around you, or simply encouraging you to believe in your ability to succeed, you probably had at least one teacher who changed your life for the better; I know I did. Teachers can make all the difference. Weather you think of buying or selling a home my reward program will help you save along the way.

Who qualifies?

Current and former firefighters, law enforcement, military (active, reserves and veterans), healthcare workers, emergency medical services and teachers.


  • No Red Tape

  • No Hidden Fees

  • No Fine Print

  • No Catch

       Reward Price Chart



Whether your buying, selling, or renting you need a reputable real estate agent that puts you and your family 1st. Roberts  Local Hero reward program is just one way he gives back to the people and community. Contact me today!